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Suits that fit all men.

Our tailors provide you with a high-quality fabric suit for any and all occasions. You're able to choose out of our fabrics collection to create your own unique suite.

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About us

Case study Giocarlo by Pixel Brand

Giocarlo is a fictional brand created by Wouter S. owner and founder of Pixel Brand. It's only purpose is to show you what we're capable of as a branding agency. Thus all the people and products you see around here are only models used as placeholder images. This website is also only partially functional to prevent people from buying any "fake" products on this website. We also placed a clear warning notice at the bottom right corner, telling every visitor that this is a dummy project. It is not our intention to deceive or mislead any people. With this warning we pro-activily warn our visitors and give them full responsibility for the action they might take on this website.

Pixel Brand is a Branding Agency located right between the cities of Antwerp and Brussels, in a small town named Duffel. We have been in business since 2020 and have helped a variety of brands with strategy and design. We focus on helping ambitious startups by developing their brand strategy and designing their brand visuals.

The Giocarlo project was created as a portfolio case study example by our founder Wouter S. to show you how we can help your startup project. Wouter started his design carreer back in 2004 when he started studying Visual and Architectural Arts, Graphics Media, Multi Media, Photography, Prepress and 3D motion Graphics. He worked for a few years as a digital print operator before he started his venture as an entrepreneur. His journey as an entrepreneur started with a lot of learning. He first obtained his degree in business management. Started his first company to learn direct marketing and sales in a B2C setting with door to door sales as a Brand Ambassador. A few years later he founded Pixel Brand and has worked as the lead Brand Strategist in his company ever since. With an infinite supply of creativity, a problem solving mindset and the technical know how; Wouter can transform an idea into a brand that feels good in your gut!

About Giocarlo

Giocarlo is a fictional fashion brand for man. They focus on tailored made suits that fits any occasion and man for an affordable price. With a 24 hour deadline from styling to measuring and sewing you'll be dressed to impress in no time!

Our mission

Giocarlo's mission is to become the most beloved brand by every man. Giving man their own unique style to empower their true and wonderful identity.

We actively support the fair trade organizations for fabrics and the textile industry by donating 50% of our profit to them. All our own fabrics are also made by people that are paid fairly for their honest and hard work. We will always carefully select who our suppliers are to make sure that non of our products were made by children or by people living and working in inhumane circumstances. With our active support we hope to reshape the textile industry and make sure child labor will come to an end; as wel as making sure everyone gets paid fairly to have a prosperous and sustainable life.

Our vision

We belief that our differences are what makes you beautiful and unique. That they're the foundation of finding our own unique style, it's what makes you, you. We want to celebrate those differences, make them stand out, show the people around you who you really are. We do so by giving you your own unique fashion style, from the casual party crasher to the top CEO of a multinational, we make sure our suits fit you.

Fairness, kindness and true empathy is what we stand for.

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